Benefit for People –
Individual provision by means of expert consultation

Focus on consulting instead of sales

The Benefit for People division of Regent Insurance Brokers (Europe) GmbH manages the provision and benefits activities from our office in Bochum.

For us, service comes first. The focus of our actions is the individual consultation of our customers. We do not sell any products but develop appropriate concepts and provision solutions with you for your needs.

We see ourselves as partners and problem solvers for our customers. It makes no difference whether you are a private individual, a small crafts company or a listed corporation – we develop customized concepts for everyone.

As an independent insurance broker, we have the opportunity to work with various insurance companies and select the right product provider and suitable products for you. 


Problem solving according to your wishes

As service providers, we have extensive knowledge in our core competencies but the only one who knows how to use this knowledge is our customer.

We see ourselves as our customers' problem solvers. Because they need solutions, not products.

Our motto is:

  • listen carefully to the customer's wishes, ideas and problems
  • ask specific questions and collect information
  • present solutions


Phone: +49 234 927 8375
Fax: +49 234 927 8377

Anja Borowczak
Client Service Manager
Phone: +49 234 927 8376
Fax: +49 234 927 8377