Our expertise for the best protection & provision

In order to provide our customers with optimum protection and provision, three competencies are required:

  • analysis of the status quo
  • definition of protection and provision objectives
  • sound knowledge of different types of saving and the insurance landscape

or to put it more simply: listen, analyse, act.

Looking at other market players, we often ask ourselves whether the employee needs a financial advisor, the executive an investment advisor and the manager an asset manager. In fact, many people are not dealing with consultants, but with product vendors.

In this respect, we clearly distinguish ourselves.

Insurance brokers

As an independent insurance broker, we can fall back on almost all providers. By comparing offers and analyzing the balance sheet ratios of the various providers, we can identify the right partner for our customers.

Analysis Private customers

Together with the customer, we develop an individual supply concept and involve the customer in determining parameters such as inflation rates. 

However, the analysis is not a one-off process, but must be repeated and adjusted regularly. A young single, for example, has different care needs than a single mother, who in turn has different needs than a family of five.

Analysis Corporate Clients

Company pension modules are currently experiencing a renaissance because employers are creating new remuneration systems in competition for qualified employees.

In addition to pure wage or salary payments, we attach great importance to social benefits, for example company pension plans or company health insurance.

Our tasks comprise planning, implementation and support of these systems.

At the same time, in cooperation with tax advisors and lawyers, we design the framework conditions so that there is legal certainty for all parties involved and so that the employer can change or end the measures introduced.

Consulting and training

Many people have protections and provisions in place and are not planning any further measures but would like to have the existing ones checked.

We are happy to support you. The fee we charge for this activity will be agreed with you personally and individually.

Many companies have pension systems that have become a burden to costs and accounting. Other companies have pension schemes that may need to be reviewed and updated.

We agree a consulting contract with these clients, also in cooperation with tax consultants and lawyers, which precisely defines the scope of the analysis and consulting.

Here we close a fee agreement with the client.

In companies, a wide variety of staff positions are confronted with company pension schemes, starting with the personnel department, through payroll and financial accounting, to management.

We offer targeted training on a fee basis to companies that are not our customers. Here we explain the principles and special features of the company pension scheme and develop guidelines for day-to-day work with the individual staff units.


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