Insurance know-how and nautical experience
for an optimal insurance package

Two key competencies are required for optimal insurance coverage. To put together the right package for your company, both in-depth knowledge of the insurance market and personal experience in maritime and inland shipping are necessary.

We combine these two elements and cooperate with trustworthy partners around the globe. Our goal: finding the perfect balance between high-quality insurance coverage and attractive terms. After all, the quality of an insurance policy and of the specialised partner behind it often does not become evident until a claim arises. That's why we only work together with partners who have demonstrated excellent claims management and ensure rapid processing and payment.

We offer the following specific services:

Optimal service at attractive terms

Regent Marine develops comprehensive insurance concepts individually tailored to the client's needs. To accomplish this, we work together with continental and international insurance companies. This long-standing cooperation forms the basis for insurance services with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

We look for offers and additionally make sure that several parties shoulder the risk, depending on the scope of the insurance. As an independent broker, we are not limited to a few providers and thus filter out the best offers for our clients quickly and flexibly. We also ensure optimal service at attractive terms.

Honest assessment of risks while taking corporate strategy into account

Honest and sound assessment of corporate risks and the current insurance cover form the basis for every insurance concept. That means we go beyond mere analysis of the actual situation.

Planning for the development of your company as well as the future alignment also play a key role. We take these factors into account at an early stage and therefore often obtain better terms. We do not view risk analysis as a single assessment, but as a permanent process that is an integral element of each of our talks. After all, flexibility and a rapid response to changing requirements in the maritime and inland shipping sector are in demand more than ever. Successful companies undergo change and insurance coverage, too, has to be constantly adapted to new functions and fields of activity.

Put important matters for your company in experienced hands

Our risk management includes detailed risk analysis and a specific assessment of your company risks. This combination then results in development of customised insurance services.

However, we even go one step further and also keep an eye on the risks involved in selecting the insurance partners. The objective here is to achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio with high-quality insurance cover at attractive terms. We take into account the reliability and credit rating of the insurance companies as well as claims processing and a possible default risk. The extent to which we support your company's Claims Department depends on your demands. Our range of services extends from communication with the insurer all the way to recourse action against the party responsible for damage or subcontractors.

Everything from a single source: favourable terms at minimal risk

Individually combining different insurance services from a single source has several advantages for our clients. Firstly, they profit from favourable terms. Secondly, participation in high-quality insurance companies with a convincing security rating means that the default risk approaches zero.

A comprehensive coverage concept additionally opens up the opportunity of taking the strategic alignment of the company into account. Through personal consulting our nautical experts and insurance brokers discuss with you what deductible makes sense for you. The right amount of the deductible in a comprehensive self-coverage concept results in lower insurance premiums, thus allowing you to save money.

Optimisation proposals based on practice reduce risk

Avoidance of accidents and damage is the ideal way of reducing company risks. That's why we not only take care of optimal insurance cover, but also focus on prevention, just in case.

Based on many years of professional experience, our nautical experts are familiar with the daily risks associated with shipping operations on the high seas or on rivers. In consultation with you they provide for a realistic assessment of the company risks and have up-to-date facts on the probability of damage in all areas of maritime and inland shipping at their fingertips. The range of services includes tips and approaches for avoiding accidents and damage as well as reducing the claims ratio.

Regent Marine keeps you up-to-date at all times

Regent Marine's consulting concept not only encompasses personal talks regarding all aspects of insurance services, but also regular training.

After all, change is a permanent process - such as in connection with national and international transport liability. Our specialists also provide basic knowledge on topics with a legal background or on general terms and conditions of business on a sound basis. Furthermore, we show you how you can minimise risks. The training subject matter is rounded off by examples of current claims and their settlement. The special feature of these sessions is that there are no further costs for the training - it's already included in Regent Marine's service package!


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