Regent Marine –
coverage of all maritime insurance services

From an individual insurance policy to a comprehensive package: the range of services offered by Regent Marine covers all facets of an insurance broker for companies in the maritime and inland shipping sector.

After a precise risk analysis we prepare a comprehensive offer for you and take into account the products of national and international insurance companies. Optimal insurance service, minimal default risk and attractive terms are the parameters you can judge us by.

Specifically, we offer you the following insurance services:

Play it safe with your most important asset

The list of possible risks for the most important part of your company is long, so our range of services is broad. They include a classic hull & machinery insurance that covers the costs of damage, theft or vandalism.

Technical insurance also effectively protects you against the consequences of operating errors or loss of computer data. In addition, Regent Marine will insure you against sales losses due to war, piracy or towage. Finally, we also optimally safeguard against shipyard risks.

Our service components at a glance:

  • Hull etc.
  • Interests
  • War & Strike
  • Piracy, Kidnap & Ransom
  • Electronic

The right liability insurance for every company in the maritime and inland shipping sector

To make sure the daily work of your staff and the entire company doesn't become a risky game, effective liability insurance is a must. After all, even a little mishap can lead to damage claims in the millions – especially when people are injured in an accident.

Environmental and product liability risks may also be threatening. To ensure that an accident does not mean “the end” for your company in an extreme case, Regent Marine examines the various risks and selects the service components suitable for your company.

We offer the following liability insurances:

  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Charterers Liability
  • Freight Demurrage & Defence
  • Professional / Ship Managers Liability, Directory & Officers
  • Errors & Omissions

Safeguarding important investments sensibly

Shipyard risks primarily arise in connection with the building or conversion of new vessels and watercraft.

They range from design defects to delays in completion. Legal safeguarding of guarantees also plays a major role. Regent Marine has the right insurance for all risks involved in important investment decisions on the part of companies in the maritime and inland shipping sector and develops individually tailored insurance concepts.

  • Builders Risks
  • Conversion Risks
  • Hull etc.
  • Shiprepairer´s Liability, Loss of Repairs
  • Comprehensive Liability Cover

Insurance against loss of freight, revenue losses and trade disruptions

The running monthly costs for operating equipment and the employees show no consideration for loss of freight, incalculable political risks or marine trade disruptions caused by damage due to natural forces.

To ensure that you can nevertheless meet your obligations during this time, we recommend taking out special insurance policies. Regent Marine safeguards the financial interests of its clients with services like these:

  • Loss of Hire
  • Trade Disruption
  • Mortgagee Interest
  • Innocent Owners
  • Delay
  • Cyber


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