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Organising worldwide supply and transport chains offering high delivery reliability requires multimodal transport solutions, i.e. the transport of goods is carried out with combined means and different modes of transportation, which are generally subject to different jurisdiction that often vary regionally as well. 

Correct and safe risk assessments for transport services need a reliable partner. Here the expertise of Regent Insurance brokers is called for.  

We insure multimodal transports and assess their risks for the specific leg considering the corresponding jurisdiction. Furthermore, we conduct checks on international logistics contracts from the insurance point of view and ensure the recourse against subcontractors and carriers.

Coverage gaps in legal liability

Not all risks are covered by legal liability. The legal liability of the forwarder/carrier is limited according to law and The General German Freight Forwarding Terms and Conditions (ADSp). A cargo insurance, however, provides cover independent of liability issues – and goods are exposed to enormous risks on their transport routes. 

Based on international individual- and general insurance policies, Regent provides customized insurance solutions that meet the specific requirements.  

Here you will find a list of the cover modules for an initial overview. We look forward to your call or e-mail for a comprehensive personal consultation that is irreplaceable in the insurance sector.

Cover modules and the advantages of cargo insurance

  • insurance of multimodal transports
  • insurance of liability from bills of lading, such as FIATA B/L or House B/L
  • Airwaybill (AWB) and House AWB liability insurance
  • insurance of liability from customs clearance and fiscal representation
  • insurance law of other countries
  • insurance of additional transport costs to avoid damage
  • all risks coverage
  • compensation up to the amount of the value of the goods / sum insured
  • waiver of recourse against the own liability insurer
  • door-to-door insurance cover
  • co-insurance of consequential damage to goods and pure financial losses
  • further additional risks can be included in the insurance upon request
  • generally insured costs and expenses, additional costs for transshipment
  • return transport, salvage and disposal costs as well as clean-up costs
  • political dangers, such as war, strike or terror
  • general average large margins



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