It all comes down to
the individual combination

The most important modules are property and liability insurance. There are varieties of insurance options here. We would be happy to meet you personally to find the appropriate insurance cover for your enterprise.

Below you will find an excerpt of some of the insurance products that can cover the financial risks of your company.

It is the most classic coverage concept and includes the insurance of buildings, factory equipment and supplies against property risks such as fire, tap water, storm and hail, burglary, robbery and vandalism. The protection can be extended by so-called natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods or landslides.

Machines, mobile devices, stationary systems as well as data and data technology are protected against material hazards and operating errors (due to negligence or clumsiness), construction-, material- or design errors, short circuits, overcurrent/overvoltage as well as against the failure of measuring-, control- and safety devices. Protection is provided, for example, through these offers:

  • electronics insurance
  • machinery breakage / machinery hull insurance
  • Insurance for IT risks such as software and data loss 

Assembly insurance not only covers possible damage during the construction of new designs, plants and machines, but also risks during subsequent testing. Construction insurance covers property damage occurring during the construction phase. Depending on the individual contract design, vandalism and construction or material defects are also covered.

Trade fair stands and exhibited goods are exposed to special risks – from the transport of the required goods and the assembly of the trade fair stands on site to the theft protection of expensive exhibits or presentation technology during the exhibition. We keep these risks in mind and put together a tailor-made insurance concept for you.

A modern liability insurance not only fulfils the legal requirements for protecting your company against third-party claims for damages. It also takes into account the individual risks arising from your day-to-day business.

Accordingly, our product portfolio is divided into the following sub-sectors:

  • public liability insurance
  • product liability insurance
  • product recall insurance
  • environmental liability insurance
  • environmental impairment insurance
  • transport liability insurance

Professional liability insurance and, as a special form, financial loss liability insurance take effect, for example, when damage has been caused by incorrect advice. We individually determine which form of insurance suits you, your employees and your company.

Secure yourself and your executives effectively against claims for financial loss. The D&O insurance guarantees the statutory liability of supervisory boards, advisory boards, management boards and managing directors in the performance of their duties. The classic risks include, for example, conflicts of interest, transgressions of authority and inadequate control of operating procedures or employees.

Agreed contractual penalties for delays or loss of performance are just as much a part of the daily routine of many trading and logistics companies as far-reaching guarantees. We develop special coverage concepts for the resulting risks that may also include guarantees. In addition, special covers are often part of outsourcing projects and protect contract logisticians against financial consequences, for example in the event of damage to the goods to be processed. The insurance of special contracts or business conditions also falls into the category of special cover.

Legal disputes are not uncommon – at the latest in the event of a claim. Legal protection insurance covers the costs of lawyers and court and ensures that the costs are not outgrowing your business even during lengthy proceedings. 

These are the legal protection modules we offer: 

  • professional indemnity insurance
  • extended criminal legal protection insurance
  • company legal protection insurance
  • tort protection
  • motor legal expenses insurance


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