Varied services for the all-rounders among logistics companies

Regent Insurance Brokers (Europe) only employs experienced insurance and forwarding agents to provide effective advice to freight forwarders, warehouse keepers and logistics subcontractors. Our main areas of expertise include the underwriting review of contracts and support with tender management.

Information and communication

In addition, we inform you regularly about changes in the legal framework that often have a direct impact on insurance cover. As in all areas, risk assessment is the initial step and the basis for the development of our comprehensive insurance concepts.

We are specialized in the

following areas:

More and more often, service providers of the logistics industry also take over work outside of transport and within the respective company itself on behalf of the customer. In addition to packaging, this includes material processing and complex production steps. We develop comprehensive liability and coverage concepts for this environment. 

Because of just-in-time production and minimal stock keeping, problems in the supply chain lead to belt stoppages and in extreme cases considerable financial risks. Our experts will show you how to protect yourself and your company.

Above all, system service providers in this area need effective protection against the consequences of default.

Heavy cargo transports rarely stop at national borders. Accordingly, our customers benefit from our international contacts and offers. We provide the appropriate insurance for both freight forwarder and the respective customer.


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